Available Batches

Course Name Details Batch Name Starting from Days Time
FCPS P-II P-2 Obs & Gynae OSPE & IOE Mock Batch July'2022 2022-03-30 Every Wednesday 3pm to 6pm
FCPS Mid-Term Mid-Term Medicine Exam Batch July 2022 2022-03-19 Every Saturday & Tuesday 3pm to 6pm
Phase A Final MS Gynae OSPE Mock & Procedure Batch 2022-03-10 Thursday 3.00pm
FCPS P-II P-2 Online Paediatrics Clinical OSPE & IOE Batch 2022-03-10 Thursday,Friday 3.00-6.00
Diploma Final DGO OSPE Mock & Procedure Batch 2022-03-05 Saturday 2.00 pm
Diploma Final Diploma in Child Heath Exam Batch 2022-09-02 Saturday 3.00 pm
MCPS Gynae MCPS Gynae Clinical Batch July-2022 2022-03-05 Saturday & Friday 3.00-6.00pm
FCPS P-II P-2 Medicine Clinical, OSPE & IOE Batch July 2022 2022-03-06 Every Sunday & Monday 3pm to 6pm
FCPS P-II MCPS Paediatrics Regular Batch July 2022 2022-02-02 Monday,Tuesday 3.00-6.00
FCPS P-2 P-2 Obs & Gynae OSPE & IOE Batch July-2022 2022-02-03 Thursday 3.00-6.00pm